Expando in Civil Construction and Landscaping

liftwell excavation

liftwell excavation in hard granite

By using Expando, civil contractors and landscapers can now easily reduce their costs, increase efficiency and overcome site restriction challenges when they are breaking down retaining walls, splitting concrete or cracking large rocks and boulders.

Benefits of Expando

Expando is Cost effective

  • Low cost (bulk discounts)
  • Saves time on large jobs
  • No heavy equipment hire
  • No permits or license fees
  • No additional labour charges

Expando is Safer

  • No blasting or explosives
  • No ground vibration risk
  • No danger from flying debris
  • No dust or noise management
  • No dangerous heavy machinery

Expando is Eco-friendly

  • No ecological contamination to flora or fauna
  • No dust or air pollution
  • No toxic chemicals used
  • No noise or environmental pollution

Expando is Easy to use

  • Perfect for confined spaces
  • No special permits or licenses required
  • Easy to transport and store
  • No special training needed

How civil contractors can use Expando

EXPANDO's non explosive demolition agent is suitable for use in all civil projects whether it's removal of a blast crew for large rock removal jobs, commercial or residential developments, concrete, stone work or rock breaking.   Expando can also be used in conjunction with traditional demolition methods to help cut costs, work time and increase safety.

Civil contractors use Expando's non toxic, non explosive expansive mortar as a solution for:

  • Cracking and breaking up boulders, rocks and concrete
  • Trenching, excavating and clearing for retaining walls and drain works
  • Ideal problem solver for removing obstacles in confined spaces
  • Sites with noise pollution restrictions (e.g. residential areas, schools, hospitals, airports, etc.) 
  • Sites with restrictions on causing ground vibration, air blasting and dust pollution
  • Sites where surrounding buildings or other structures would be damaged by flying debris
  • Controlled, partial or selective demolition jobs
  • Eliminating the need for a blasting crew  

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