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Delivering: Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Queensland

Expando expanding mortar, a non-explosive, non toxic demolition agent, is distributed in Australia solely by No Blast Pty Ltd, a locally owned and operated company. Contact us on 0402759895 during business hours.

John Rothwell, the owner and founder of No Blast Pty Ltd has been in the landscaping business since 1986 when he established his company Outdoor Environments.

John set up No Blast Pty Ltd to provide the Australian building and construction industry with a unique, highly effective, environmentally friendly way of demolishing and removing rock and concrete.

Expansive Mortar applications

Expansive mortar has been used successfully in mining and quarrying around the world for many years now.

John quickly realised the opportunity to use non explosive expansive mortar as a demolition agent in other industries, after seeing it in use in Canada, where it is used extensively by miners as a cost-effective alternative to using dynamite to remove granite from the Canadian shield.

The ever-increasing demand for non-intrusive, non-explosive demolition solutions, means Expando expansive mortar has vast potential to be used in a wide range of applications and industries in Australia, including landscaping, trenching, civil engineering, excavation, building and construction industries – due to its safe, environmentally friendly, controllable, predictable results.

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