DIY Home Renovators

Expando for DIY home renovation projects

Are you a DIY home renovator looking for an easy and cost effective way to remove large rocks or crack concrete?

Expando helps you reduce costs, noise, and pollution

Expando is ideal for DIY home renovators needing a quiet, non-explosive demolition solution, as no special permits, equipment or training is required. Expando’s expansive mortar is also non-toxic and environmentally friendly – providing home and garden remodellers with a safer alternative to noisy, risky methods like cutting, sawing or exploding large rocks, cement or concrete when renovating.

Benefits of Expando for DIY home renovators

Here’s how EXPANDO can make difficult home renovation jobs easy…

Expando is Cost effective

  • Low cost, high quality 
  • No jack hammer hire
  • No heavy equipment
  • No licenses required
  • No additional labour costs

Expando is Safer

  • No explosives
  • No ground vibration
  • No flying debris
  • No dangerous heavy machinery

Expando is Eco-friendly

  • No noise
  • No dust
  • No toxins
  • No pollution

Expando is Easy to use

  • Excellent for confined spaces
  • No special permits needed
  • Easy to transport and store
  • No special training

How to use Expando in DIY home renovations

  • Crack and break large rocks or concrete in residential homes and gardens
  • Controlled demolition problem-solver for use in confined spaces
  • Various excavation types associated with rock breaking, rock excavating, rock blasting, rock demolition
  • Cracking and breaking concrete (e.g. demolition of mass reinforced concrete, pillars, beams, retaining walls, etc)
  • Sites with noise creation or pollution restrictions (i.e. residential, schools, hospitals, airports)
  • Sites with restrictions around ground vibration, air blasting and/or dust pollution
  • Sites where surrounding buildings or other structures could be damaged by flying debris
  • Controlled demolition or partial, selective demolition sites
  • Interior demolition of reinforced concrete where you need to do concrete cutting and breaking
  • Can be used in conjunction with traditional demolition methods to help cut costs, work time and increase safety
  • Trenching, excavation, earthmoving and shoring
  • For underwater demolition of rock and concrete

Purchases or Enquiries

EXPANDO’s product range is now available for direct purchase by DIY home renovators and landscapers, and you can buy Expando in bulk or get just enough for the job you’re doing.

Buy Expando now, either at our secure online shop or through one of our distribution partners, right across Australia.

If you are interested in finding out more about Expando expansive mortar or want to locate your local Expando reseller please contact us.

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