Tips on how to use Expando

These tips on how to use Expando will help your rock or concrete breaking job go more smoothly:

  • We strongly recommend a controlled trial of Expando for effective use, and to obtain optimum results.
  • Secure the site to ensure that the material, once cracked, does not damage or harm surrounding property or persons.When using EXPANDO with highly absorbent materials like concrete, dampen the holes before pouring; however make sure that there is no standing water.
  • To accelerate breaking time, position large diameter holes together.
  • Make sure the holes are clean without water and residue.
  • Pour fresh EXPANDO into holes within 10 minutes after mixing.
  • Do not mix more than two bags (10 kg) for each lot at a time.
  • The feeding depth should be 100% of the pre-drilled holes.
  • Do not plug the holes after filling.
  • EXPANDO can only be used in holes and will not work in existing cracks of stones or concrete.
  • Never fill glass or metal containers with EXPANDO mixture, or any container which widens towards the bottom. The pressure will shatter the container.
  • In the unlikely event EXPANDO begins to steam in the mixing container, add some water to dilute the mixture and throw it away to an open surface.
  • For best results it’s important to take into account air ambient and internal material temperature of the materials to be broken.
    • SCA I – Object temp 20 – 35 degrees Celsius
    • SCA II – Object temp 10 – 25 degrees Celsius
    • SCA III – Object temp 0 – 15 degrees Celsius
  • In summer, fill holes at the end of the day to allow cracking overnight.
  • In summer, cover filled holes from direct sunlight using a tarp or damp hay to provide shade.

Click here for Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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