Expando comes through for Ausgrid

Bruce Johnson from Ausgrid to was searching for a way to demolish their existing Electrical Pits, using as little vibration as possible in order not to damage the cabling. In this case study we see Expando in action demolishing a pit with live wires.

They tested Expando on a mock up pit to see how effective the chemical was in breaking the pit without damaging the cabling inside. During testing we found out that within 100mm of the filled holes of Expando the surrounding concrete didn’t get more than 3 degrees hotter than when we commenced the trial. Expando effectively broke the concrete without heat damaging the electrical cables.

The results were a huge success, showing it is possible to demolish a pit carrying live wires.

Expando is a non explosive demolition agent that cracks rocks and concrete without the need for blasting or heavy equipment like excavators, jackhammers or concrete saws.

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