Granite breaking in Wagga

Granite is always difficult to remove because it is so hard. It takes an excavator an extreme amount of power with a breaker to hammer it out. Even granite floaters cause moil breakages. Expando on the other hand makes granite breaking easy.

So when Justin Porganyi of Excell Gray Bruni, working in Wagga NSW, came across a series of granite boulders buried in a future roadway they realised they were in for a tough time. They tried three hammers but were not making good progress and knew they had to find an alternative to the traditional rock breaking methods.


Justin went online to research for a cost effective rock removal method and found my product Expando. Which is a non-explosive demolition agent that cracks rocks and concrete. Justin called me to see if Expando would crack granite, I assured him that I had used Expando myself on granite rock with great success.

Justin was surprised how effective Expando was, as he told me they had destroyed one moil prior to Expando and got a new hammer in for the 30t excavator to help break-up the rock after Expando had done its trick.  It only took them two days to crack the granite from the time they drilled the holes and poured Expando in (The large section of rock in the photo cracked over a weekend.)

Justin and his crew were new to using a chemical cracking agent however, due to the great result, they have ordered more Expando to crack the granite further down the road. Expando makes granite breaking easy.

Expando is a non explosive demolition agent that cracks rocks and concrete without the need for blasting or heavy equipment like excavators, jackhammers or concrete saws.

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