Expando – Ideal product for greener building

Explosive blasting, ignition of dangerous gases and heavy equipment – these are the traditional methods employed by mining, building & construction and civil engineering for quarrying, demolition or rock removal.

As these industries face escalating urban and natural environmental concerns including the unnecessary destruction of natural habitats, disruption to surrounding wildlife and proximity to residential or cultural heritage areas such as schools and hospitals, Expando has arisen as an environmentally friendly, non-toxic alternative for breaking rocks and concrete. As such, it’s the ideal product for greener building.

Expando, a non explosive demolition agent is used throughout Australia for concrete cutting, rock breaking, trenching, concrete demolition, excavation of ground rock and quarrying of valuable slabs such as Limestone, Granite, Sandstone and Marble.

Expando is noiseless, easy to use, reduces labour & equipment costs, doesn’t cause flyrock, ground vibration, gas or dust and is safer than explosive demolition, blasting rock, jack hammering, concrete saws or stone cutters. Expando does not produce fumes or gaseous emissions that could potentially harm the environment or disrupt surrounding work operations, equipment, filtrations systems or the air quality. This makes Expando ideal for sites with noise restrictions, confined spaces or environmental pollution concerns.

Expando is made from organic ingredients including calcium oxide, quartz, aluminium oxide and ferric oxide, is odourless, non-flammable, doesn’t cause toxic pollution and can be safely washed away after it has been used.

  • Made from organic ingredients
  • Odourless
  • Non-flammable
  • No ecological contamination to flora or fauna
  • No dust contamination
  • No toxic pollution
  • Environmentally friendly – the ideal product for greener building.

When mixed with water, Expando has an impressive 14,000 PSI expansive strength, producing significant pressure to fracture and break up rock or concrete in a controlled fashion. Much less energy is required to break the rock in this way, and therefore less must be dissipated on breakage.

Because of its ability to reduce the destructive impacts on the environment that other traditional methods cannot deliver, we believe that Expando is an ideal product for greener buildings and houses.

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